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Factors To Consider When Altering Your Wedding Gown

Whether you want to alter the style of your current gown or modify it to fit your type of body, a seamstress can alter the dress to look exactly the way you want it to. Start the process early enough if you want to succeeds in altering your gown. The person selling the gown can make the changes for you if they have the know-how or simply recommend the best seamstress in town. Making alterations to a wedding gown is not as easy as fixing a button, it requires experience on the part of the seamstress.

Most brides are lucky to get a dress that fits them almost perfectly. in such a case, adjustments have to be done on the dress to make it look amazing on the bride and to feel comfortable as well. Even if the alterations to be made are minor, the bride should go to a seamstress who deals solely with gown alterations. With a professional seamstress the dress can be altered to look as if it was just made for you and no alterations were made.

Mostly there are three major ways of alterations that can be done on a wedding dress. The first type is the altering of the gown’s length. The second alteration is the bodice where the hips, bust and waist of the gown are adjusted. The last type is where the sleeves can be made short if the client prefers them not too long. The biggest secret to dress alteration is to start early.

The alteration process should start two months before the wedding and that is when the bride fits for the first time. That is when the bride can suggest any alterations they prefer. At the same time the seamstress should give the client a quotation of how much the alteration will cost. Any other special requests the bride might have should inform the seamstress during the first fitting.

The second fitting should be a month to the wedding and all the alterations should be complete or almost. When the wedding is a week away the bride should fit the gown again to make sure it still fits well. Remember to bring to the fittings your accessories that you will wear on the wedding.

Bring shoes to the fittings as well. Also, wear undergarments you intend to wear on that day and also bring the veil and the jewellery to get a clear picture of how everything will look ultimately. Bring a friends to the fittings to help you make some major decisions.

Understanding Suits

Understanding Suits