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The Story of Madeline Stuart

The cases of people struggling with Down syndrome is minimal. The condition is known to affect a person`s cognitive ability and physical growth. The following is what you need to know about Australian model Madeline Stuart.

For many people, modeling is viewed as an industry characterized by people with little or no physical complications. For Stuart Madeline, the sky is the limit, despite her struggling with down syndrome, she chooses to follow her dream to be a world`s model. Did you know that Madeline Stuart is the first world’s model with Down syndrome. Despite her condition, Madeline walked in a number of fashion shows including New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and London Fashion Week. Madeline is not only known to take part in fashion week event, she has also been featured in a number of fashion events including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire, among others. Besides being world`s model, Madeline Stuart is also active in charitable pursuits. Stuart is also active in the business world, she just launched her own clothing line.

Her journey in the modeling world began when a photo of her surprising weight loss journey went viral on social media platforms. Did you know that it is her resilience that brought her to fame. Besides, her determination and commitment in her weight loss journey aspired her to enter into the modeling world. Her story continued to inspire many and also helped in changing the perception of people living with a disability.

Just like many people still do not believe that how someone with down syndrome can venture into the modeling industry, the feeling is the same for Stuart. Stuart is also grateful and fortunate for being given the opportunity to show her talent. Madeline is grateful for her social media fans, she believes that if it wasn’t for their efforts of sharing her story in social media so it went viral, she would be where she is today.

Her dream to become a model started when her mother took her to a fashion show when she was only seventeen years of age. What she loved the most during the fashion show event was how the models were cat walking on the runway and also how much fun the models were having and how beautiful they look.

When not on stage, her life is simple, she wakes up, work out, do her hair and makeup and do a fitting before preparing for a catwalk. Though modeling is her passion and career job, Madeline also loves to workout. In order to keep fit, she had to hire a personal trainer to assist her in workouts.

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